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How to optimize a table or database in mysql

If you are finding a lot of Long Running Queries and think you have built all the indexes you need.  You might want to try to optimize the database files.  As tables have inserts, the files can become less than optimized. From the mysql manual… shell> mysqlcheck [options] db_name [tables] shell> mysqlcheck [options] –databases db_name1 [...]

Logging long running queries in mysql

Here is another nugget from the mysql world. Mysql has a built in logger for tracking down those queries that are long running queries. Technically mysql likes to call them “slow queries” 1. Login to your server as root 2. Open my.cnf with your favorite editor. Example: 3. Into the [mysqld] section add the fallowing [...]

MySQL query_cache_size, how cache can help your website performance

here is a clipping from the MySQL manual regarding the query cache to help your website performance. mysql> SHOW VARIABLES LIKE ‘query_cache_size’; +——————+——-+ | Variable_name | Value | +——————+——-+ | query_cache_size | 41984 | +——————+——-+ For the query cache to actually be able to hold any query results, its size must be set larger: mysql> [...]

Upgrading PHP in cpanel from version 4 to 5

One thing to be aware of when doing the upgrade of cpanel via the WHM control panel, is that when you select your new version for the apache build, it unselects the check box for including PHP in the build. When the Build is complete running, you will have a PHP dead version of apache…. [...]

Full Text Blind query expansion

essentially using the results of the first search to expand to find more revelant results It works by performing the search twice, where the search phrase for the second search is the original search phrase concatenated with the few most highly relevant documents from the first search. Thus, if one of these documents contains the [...]

Too many tables

If you have a database with thousands of tables, mysql can be a pain when changing to use the database.  Try starting it up with the mysql -A option instead.