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changing a host name in WHM

while WHM gives you a fun menu item to change the hostname, be warned, it does not always work right…  After putting in your new host name you might geta message about adding a A record and once you hit ok you might then get a BAD LICENSE FILE or similar massage….  do not fear, [...]

AT&T aka abuse address

AT&T once had a server of mine incorrectly listed in their spam filter.  It took hours to find, but finally I found an address to get removed from the list.  In case you ever need it here it is

Exim outbound queue is HUGE

show the count of messages in queue exim -bpc list the messages in queue exim -bp These can selectively delete messages from the queue if the message is frozen exim -bpru|grep frozen|awk {‘print $3′}|xargs exim -Mrm if the message is exim -bpru|grep ”|awk {‘print $3′}|xargs exim -Mrm if all exim -bpru|awk {‘print $3′}|xargs exim -Mrm