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How to install Zend in cpanel/whm

pretty darn simple to do… To install Zend Optimizer: 1. Login to your server via SSH 2. Run: /scripts/installzendopt 3. Follow the instructions on the screen to install Zend Optimizer

Upgrading PHP in cpanel from version 4 to 5

One thing to be aware of when doing the upgrade of cpanel via the WHM control panel, is that when you select your new version for the apache build, it unselects the check box for including PHP in the build. When the Build is complete running, you will have a PHP dead version of apache…. [...]

How to disable DNS recursion on linux

By disabling recursive lookups on your server, you will help in the never ending battle against SPAM… 1. SSH Into your Server 2. Do a nano -w /etc/named.conf 3. Search for // query-source address * port 53; 4. Type Recursion no; 5. Save and Restart Bind

changing a host name in WHM

while WHM gives you a fun menu item to change the hostname, be warned, it does not always work right…  After putting in your new host name you might geta message about adding a A record and once you hit ok you might then get a BAD LICENSE FILE or similar massage….  do not fear, [...]

backups in WHM

in case you ever want to manually kick off a backup immediately instead of letting the cron do it for you, just type in /scripts/cpbackup to start a backup from a command line