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Archive for August, 2008

How to find what robots have visited my website

Ever wonder how to find out what robots/crawlers have visited your site? If you don’t have robust log analyzer there is another way. If you are using apache there is a simple way from the command line to figure out how as been visiting. grep robots.txt /etc/httpd/domlogs/|awk -F ‘”‘ ‘{print $6}’|sort -k 1|uniq -c What [...]

List of places to ping a blog

Here is a ping list I found on that I am trying out. [...]

How to bulk replace strings in a file on linux

Ever find that you need to do a bulk/mass replacement of strings in a file on a linux server?  I ran into a situation where I needed to change a website from using persistent connections to mysql to normal.  This involved changing mysql_pconnect to mysql_connect.  Using grep, There were about 5 files to change. Of [...]

How to ping a sitemap

You may have heard of pinging a blog, but did you know that you can ping a sitemap? Ping it to let the services know that you have some new web pages. Google: Yahoo: Hopefully I can find a couple more.

blacklist for phpbb forums to help stop spam

Looking for a good way to help prevent forum spam on your phpbb forum?  There is a phpbb hack that will check against the major spam lists such as spamcop and spamhaus.   I just installed this one today on a site of mine, we shall see if it works.