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Archive for February, 2007

adsense earnings script

Looking for a way to automatically login to adsense and get a report of your earnings? here is a windows based script that can do just that

Upside Down Ternet

Here is an interesting way to annoy those people that think they just found an open wireless access point. With some creative iptables and perl things get really interesting

symbolic links

Say you have a huge directory name, one that would be a pain in the neck to type in every time you wanted to access it, a neat thing to do is create a shorter “symbolic link” to it. Instead of having to do something like: # cd dnetc496-linux-x86-elf-uclibc …every single time you wanted to [...]

Full Text Blind query expansion

essentially using the results of the first search to expand to find more revelant results It works by performing the search twice, where the search phrase for the second search is the original search phrase concatenated with the few most highly relevant documents from the first search. Thus, if one of these documents contains the [...]