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Archive for December, 2006

How to disable DNS recursion on linux

By disabling recursive lookups on your server, you will help in the never ending battle against SPAM… 1. SSH Into your Server 2. Do a nano -w /etc/named.conf 3. Search for // query-source address * port 53; 4. Type Recursion no; 5. Save and Restart Bind

emacs commands…who can remember them all?

This is a long…long…long list of comands for emacs.Emacs Commands List C = Control M = Meta = Alt|Esc Basics C-x C-f “find” file i.e. open/create a file in buffer C-x C-s save the file C-x C-w write the text to an alternate name C-x C-v find alternate file C-x i insert file at cursor [...]


there is a great utility that will help to monitor and control processes on a linux box called monload2.  It can be found at  from the site… The monitor program – how it works We first address the high load mad process problem, that was easy, from time to time we run the ps [...]

changing a host name in WHM

while WHM gives you a fun menu item to change the hostname, be warned, it does not always work right…  After putting in your new host name you might geta message about adding a A record and once you hit ok you might then get a BAD LICENSE FILE or similar massage….  do not fear, [...]

looking for space hogs?

Here are a few commands strung together to find all the files that are more than 1000000c in size. What is 1000000c? That would be character (unbuffered) special find /var -size +1000000c -exec ls -l {} \;  a variation on this is to find large files that have been accessed in the last day find /var -type [...]

Too many tables

If you have a database with thousands of tables, mysql can be a pain when changing to use the database.  Try starting it up with the mysql -A option instead.

backups in WHM

in case you ever want to manually kick off a backup immediately instead of letting the cron do it for you, just type in /scripts/cpbackup to start a backup from a command line

AT&T aka abuse address

AT&T once had a server of mine incorrectly listed in their spam filter.  It took hours to find, but finally I found an address to get removed from the list.  In case you ever need it here it is